Reducing Risks For Esophageal Cancer

Barrett’s esophagus patient’s risk for developing esophageal cancer has been shown to be reduced by aspirin and esomeprazole combination, according to results of a phase III ASPECT trial.


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  1. AvaEvon Tollenaar says:

    Aspirin hurts my stomach. I don’t taking omeprazole but they say I have to. I was told today to look up this website by a man who says he helped with this website. He said he will forward my email, name & number to Ann Arbor UofM. I was diagnosed w/Barrett’s about five years ago after medicine a Dr. (gastro) ordered a solution for me to drink to clean me out b 4 a colonoscopy (Father died of colon cancer) (sister died of complications of kidney cancer that UofM helped her survive longer). The solution burned my throat going down & I vomited it up and it burnt my throat coming up. That Dr. retired directly after that happened to me and he never finished that colonscopy. That last colonoscopy this past March was not completed the Gastro Dr. said bcuz he said I had pain, so he stopped. At that time he did an endoscopy which I was told they took two biopsies. I was then ordered to have a visual colonoscopy where they pump gas/air in my intestine to take pic of the area they were concerned about in my colon.
    I called bcuz I was turned down to donate plasma and there reason is bcuz I have Barrett’s disease.

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