ECEF Newsletter March 31, 2015



March 31, 2015


 The first quarter of 2015 has given us a good start on achieving our $150,000 research goal for this year. We have received approximately $43,000 in donations during this period. We have not as yet receive our certified financial statements for 2014 but using our 2013 certified financial statement, 97% of the amount we receive in donations goes to support our research project goals and patient support programs. Thank you for your help in this area.

 Major Activity for the First Quarter


 The following events are active during the first quarter and some will take place during April which is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month. Please check our web site and click on the “What’s Happening” tab and you will see these events listed in the right hand column. Please click on any of them and you can read their stories and see their faces and if you would like to support them there is a “Pay Pal Button” at the bottom of their page where that can be accomplished.

  • Annbeth Katz In memory of her husband Gerry Katz
  • Jean Warren In memory of those who have died of esophageal cancer in her community including her son Professor John Warren
  • Lorraine Castanio in memory of her husband Frank Castanio
  • Erin Silliman in memory of her Father Dr. George Harkins Jr. and Step Father-in-Law Gene Barnes  both esophageal cancer victims
  • Linda Desiderio in memory of Peter Desiderio
  • Lynn Mohs in memory of her brother Brad Chik

Corporate Activity

  •  New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA)

As reported in previous newsletters. NJWA gave ECEF a grant to bring awareness of esophageal cancer to New Jersey residents. We have used this grant to produce an awareness video and we have been receiving positive reaction to the video making its appearance on Facebook and on our web site. Please take a look at this video and please send it to those on your email listing. You can save lives.

Our plan is to prepare awareness packages including this video and send it to various Adult Communities that are located in New Jersey. The intent is that they will inform their residents about esophageal cancer by putting flyers up in the club houses for all to see. If they have a health forum evening or day, volunteer members of ECEF will try and be there to have a table with all of our awareness material.  We are also looking into press releases and TV spots as an added awareness opportunity.


Novadaq deals with surgical equipment and processes that can assist the surgeon in his quest to perform an effective and efficient surgical procedure on his or her patient. Of interest to ECEF is they have a fluorescence stain that can be of tremendous help to the surgeon performing esophagectomy surgeries in the identity of lymph nodes and assessing blood flow in the selection of good tissue for the connection that is made as part of this surgery.

ECEF was asked, and we agreed, to do a presentation at their Annual Sales meeting in Nashville TN, and bring home to their Sales Representatives the role that they play in saving patients lives. We will continue to work with Novadaq in the coming months to add value to their effort to make surgeons aware of their products and how together we can play a role in making the surgery better and be a resource in the patient’s recovery process.

Interface Diagnostics

Currently this company provides molecular diagnostic kits for Thyroid and Pancreatic Cancers. They are exploring the need to develop a Barretts Esophagus kit and have asked ECEF to do a presentation to their executive staff, from a patient’s perspective of esophageal cancer and the symptoms that lead to this disease.

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology

 This company has developed a tracheal replacement by using stem cells and a plastic trachea. They are developing a similar approach for the esophagus and we are involved in meetings to be help with MSKCC surgeon and the physician from Harvard. This is an exciting happening. If you can project down the road the idea of not doing the major surgery that is now performed on esophageal cancer patients and instead have an artificial esophagus available that can be used , how great would that be.

New Colony Partners

This is a healthcare marketing and media company that is using patients and those patient’s stories to build a base for various reasons. We recommend that you Google them and look at what their plan is and how they intend to go about it.

We have become a member of and we suggest that you look into this site and become a member if possible. We have posted stories about my journey through this disease and my interview with them can be seen as a video on their web site.

Social Media

We have become very active with our Facebook experience and we have created a BLOG for our web site. We have posted to our BLOG 8 brief segments of my story and my experience as I journey through this disease.  We invite you to look at those articles and if you would like respond to them and a dialogue can be established.

Patient Programs

We have over 50 people who have signed up for our Conference Call Support Group meetings that are held on a monthly basis. We normally get around 15-20 people at any one meeting and we will have Dr. Bernard Park as a participant at our April 15thst meeting.

Our hot line 732-385-7461 is active and we are receiving calls from patients, who in some cases know nothing about this disease. We have also been placed on a resource list of a major cancer center to help patients navigate through this disease.


  On our web site we have a category called EC Articles. We rely on Google to give us a copy of the original articles that mention Esophagus or Esophageal Cancer. We review the articles, and those that would be of interest to a patient and their family are posted to our web site under various categories within EC articles. These articles are also posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Below are the articles we have selected for this quarters newsletter:

The Cancer that Killed Dr. Robert Schuller is on the Rise

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015 in About this Disease

The Rev. Robert H. Schuller has died from esophageal cancer, a form of the disease that is on the rise.

Schuller built the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove but his ministry was destroyed by family discord and financial ruin, the Los Angeles Times reports. He was 88.


5 Reasons to not ignore Heartburn a Possible Sign of Cancer

 Posted on Sunday, February 1, 2015 in About this DiseaseAcid Reflux

We all experience heartburn once in a while – as a nagging burn in the chest. We also know it is the result of acid reflux and most of the times it will just go away soon. Chronic heartburn is known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is mostly treated by antacids. But new studies are pointing to serious underlying causes behind persistent heartburn.



If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see more about in these newsletters please let us know. We are always interested in assisting the patients and caregivers as they journey through this disease. You can email us at .

Respectfully submitted

Bart Frazzitta




2 Responses to ECEF Newsletter March 31, 2015

  1. Wayne muncey says:

    I had surgery for esophagus cancer in March this year. I am able to eat anything. I am staying away from sugars and sweets also breads once in awhile I will have some Ezekiel bread. I am trying to eat smaller meals more often and when I can’t eat part of a meal I will suppliment with a protene drink. I have not been able to gain any weight back. Any suggestions on nutrition ? I had a pet scan at 6 months and no cancer was found. I am beginning to wonder if I am absorbing the nutrients I need.. I was not heavy to begin with and loosing 30 pounds has made me very thin. I do walk and have started going to the gym. Thanks for any advise. Wayne muncey

    • bart says:

      HI Wayne

      It sounds like you are doing everything I would suggest for a person just eight months out of surgery. I am not a nutritionist and maybe the best thing to do is to talk to one about gaining weight at this stage of recovery. An approach I would suggest is you get on the scale in the morning as a base weight. Try and add calories to your balanced meal. You may want to cook with cream in your soups for instance. Try an eat high calorie foods but keeping a balanced diet in mind. Try eating a little more each meal or each day. The following morning get on the scale again and see how it compares to your weight from yesterday. If you haven’t gained any weight add more calories to your meals that day. You can add a desert or some high in calorie fruits or even a small piece of cake but make sure it is after you have eaten a good balanced meal. Even a couple of bites could give you the weight gain you are seeking.

      Good luck and let me know how you do.

      Take care


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