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 Based on our year to date donations, it seems we will not be able to reach our $150,000 research donation goal for this year. We have given to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center $50,000 this year which is a part of this goal. We have received our certified financial statements for 2014 and the amount they indicate that we have given to research projects and patient support programs is 97% of the amount we receive in donations. Thank you for your help in this area. We have one more event coming up and that is our Annual Day at the Races and you can see the specifics of this event by clicking this address

Major Activity for the First Quarter


 The following events reflect the activity during 2015 and we are pleased to see that they each raised funds for our research projects. Please check our web site and click on the “What’s Happening” tab and you will see these events listed in the right hand column. Please click on any of them and you can read their stories and see how much each of them have raised for ECEF research projects.

Projects Completed

  • Annbeth Katz In memory of her husband Gerry Katz
  • Jean Warren In memory of those who have died of esophageal cancer in her community including her son Professor John Warren
  • Lorraine Castanio in memory of her husband Frank Castanio
  • Erin Silliman in memory of her Father Dr. George Harkins Jr. and Step Father-in-Law Gene Barnes both esophageal cancer victims
  • Linda Desiderio in memory of Peter Desiderio
  • Lynn Mohs in memory of her brother Brad Chik

Current Project

Annual Day at the Races

 We have had this event almost since the beginning of ECEF. All the events mentions above are events that people have taken on to honor a loved one and to help in our efforts to bring awareness of this disease and support research projects that will lead to an early detection of this disease.

Our Annual Day at the Races is held at Monmouth Race Track in Oceanport New Jersey and it is a picnic style get together. We provide all of the food and drink and we will give you a program of the races held that day and T Shirt for all those who attend the event. We will sponsor a race and this year the Sponsor for this event will be Novadaq a company that provides surgical assist equipment for esophagectomy surgeries. We usually have survivors at the event who will participate in the trophy presentation to the winning Trainer and Jockey for the race we sponsor. If you would like to come or make a donation please visit our web site at

 Corporate Activity

  • New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA)

As reported in previous newsletters. NJWA gave ECEF a grant to bring awareness of esophageal cancer to New Jersey residents. We have used this grant to produce an awareness video and we have been receiving positive reaction to the video making its appearance on Facebook and on our web site. Please take a look at this video and please send it to those on your email listing. You can save lives.

We continue to work on our plan to prepare awareness packages including this video and send it to various Adult Communities that are located in New Jersey. The intent is that they will inform their residents about esophageal cancer by putting flyers up in the club houses for all to see. If they have a health forum evening or day, volunteer members of ECEF will try and be there to have a table with all of our awareness material.  We are also looking into press releases and TV spots as an added awareness opportunity. This process is going slowly simply because we need volunteers to gather the information about the various senior communities in New Jersey.

  • Novadaq

Novadaq deals with surgical equipment and processes that can assist the surgeon in his quest to perform an effective and efficient surgical procedure on his or her patient. Of interest to ECEF is they have a fluorescence stain that can be of tremendous help to the surgeon performing esophagectomy surgeries in the identity of lymph nodes and assessing blood flow in the selection of good tissue for the connection that is made as part of this surgery.

ECEF was asked, and we agreed, to do a presentation at their Annual Sales meeting in Nashville TN, and bring home to their Sales Representatives the role that they play in saving patients lives. We will continue to work with Novadaq in the coming months to add value to their effort to make surgeons aware of their products and how together we can play a role in making the surgery better and be a resource in the patient’s recovery process.

  • Interface Diagnostics

Currently this company provides molecular diagnostic kits for Thyroid and Pancreatic Cancers. They are exploring the need to develop a Barretts Esophagus kit and ECEF has done a presentation to their executive staff, from a patient’s perspective of esophageal cancer and the symptoms that lead to this disease. We will be working with Interface Diagnostics going forward in developing this Barretts esophagus kit.

  • New Colony Partners

This is a healthcare marketing and media company that is using patients and those patient’s stories to build a base for various reasons. We recommend that you Google them and look at what their plan is and how they intend to go about it.

We have become a member of and we suggest that you look into this site and become a member if possible. We have posted stories about my journey through this disease and my interview with them can be seen as a video on their web site.

Patient Programs

We have over 60 people who have signed up for our Conference Call Support Group meetings that are held on a monthly basis. We normally get around 15-20 people at any given meeting

Our hot line 732-385-7461 is active and we are receiving calls from patients, who in some cases know nothing about this disease. We have also been placed on a resource list of a major cancer center to help patients navigate through this disease.


  On our web site we have a category called EC Articles. We rely on Google to give us a copy of the original articles that mention Esophagus or Esophageal Cancer. We review the articles, and those that would be of interest to a patient and their family are posted to our web site under various categories within EC articles. These articles are also posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Below are the articles we have selected for this quarters newsletter:

Preventing Esophageal Cancer Area Experts treat Barretts Esophagus

Ever since a potentially fatal bleeding ulcer blindsided John Freshman a decade ago, the government relations specialist has kept a wary eye on his health. An endoscopy became an integral part of John’s annual checkups, giving his gastroenterologist a close look at his patient’s upper digestive tract and reassuring John that he wouldn’t again become the unwitting victim of his family’s history of digestive disease.{}

Exact Sciences Outlines Pipeline of Diagnostics for Deadliest Diseases

Exact Sciences’ ambitious plan to commercialize molecular diagnostic tests for several of the deadliest cancers is starting to come into focus.

Proton Therapy for Esophageal Cancer has fewer side effects than older radiation  therapies

 New research has found that patients with esophageal cancer who are treated with proton therapy experienced significantly less toxic side effects than patients treated with older radiation therapies. This study was presented at the 54th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG).


If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see more about in these newsletters please let us know. We are always interested in assisting the patients and caregivers as they journey through this disease. You can email us at .

Respectfully submitted

Bart Frazzitta




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