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The A-Files, Alcohol A-Z for Alcohol Awareness Month: Cancer

Twenty-six episodes of ‘The A-Files’ will run throughout Alcohol Awareness Month onYouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and, among other web and social media sites. Episode C covers alcohol’s role as a carcinogen.

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1987, the first links between cancer and alcohol were determined. It’s a known carcinogen in the Department of Health and Human Services’s Report on Carcinogens based on evidence in human, not rodent, studies. Yet, today only one in ten users realize this drug is a carcinogen. Alcohol is implicated in several types of cancer. As a previous episode of The A-Files indicated, alcohol use is the ONLY dietary factor increasing the likelihood of getting breast cancer. It’s linked to seven other cancers: Colon, Liver, Stomach, Esophagus, Larynx, Pharynx and Mouth. Alcohol is the number two cause of oral cancers.

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