Books about Esophageal Cancer

Bart Frazzitta, Esophageal Cancer SurvivorWe have presented below several Books about Esophageal Cancer so that people who want to know more about this disease will have a good resource to provide themselves with  that knowledge.

Esophageal Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the United States. The current year estimates indicate that there will be over 18,170 new cases diagnosed this year and 15,450 deaths from this disease during that same period.

Since there are so few cases of this cancer each year compared to breast, lung, and colon cancers the amount of attention that is paid to esophageal cancer is less, yet it has a 5 year survival rate of just 17.5%.

Having been an esophageal cancer patient, and now approaching a 15 year survivor time frame, I felt it was important that some attention be paid to this cancer and to help people navigate through it.

100 Questions & Answers about Esophageal Cancer

Several years ago, I joined with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)   Thoracic Department to write a book called “100 Questions & Answers about Esophageal Cancer”. This book covered all aspects of the esophageal cancer journey, from diagnosis with questions about the Chemo Therapy, Radiation Therapy and Surgery through post surgery issues and the questions and answers that will assist in living beyond this disease. This book was published by Jones and Bartlett and can be purchased at your local bookstore.

Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers

We felt, that although this book told the entire story about esophageal cancer, there was a need to address the specific issues a patient who has been through an esophagectomy surgery, would potentially encounter and we developed the book called “Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers”.

This book was developed using questions that were gathered from patients who had an esophagectomy. Over the 12 years that I have been talking to patients who have gone through this surgery, I was able to gather a list of questions that I will refer to as the most frequently asked questions dealing with issues that a patient encountered as they journeyed through this disease post surgery.

We then asked the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF)  Medical Advisory Committee  to provide their responses to these questions and that became the basis for the book. We also consulted with social workers who played a role in developing the emotional aspects of the book. This book is published by Authorhouse and can be gotten from your local book store or by going to Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation website .


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