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New Findings

Articles on New Findings pertaining to Esophageal Cancer

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09/18/09 – Goshen Center for Cancer Care employs DVS implantable dosimeter

09/12/09 – University of Washington Physicians Are the First to Utilize New

03/31/09 – New Technique For Esophagus Dilemma

03/25/09 – Rare Esophageal Cancer Hides in Common Symptoms

03/20/09 – Northwest Hospital Surgeons Perform First EsophyX Procedure in

02/25/09 – Alcohol Linked to Cancer Risk in Women

01/30/09 – Barrett’s Esophagus » Blog Archive » Cryotherapy

01/29/09 – Does Surgery for Achalasia Increase the Risk for Esophageal Cancer?

01/27/09 – Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia have

01/17/09 – New Surgery For Acid Reflux Sufferers

01/15/09 – Medical Journals Reports on Dangerous Fosamax Side Effects Linked

12/30/08 – How acupuncture works

12/29/08 – Latest Advances In Scarless Surgery Presented At International

11/26/08 – Local doctor offers new esophagus treatment

11/26/08 – DFMO may offer chemopreventive effect in Barrett’s esophagus and

11/23/08 – Norwalk Hospital is first hospital in state to use cryotherapy for Barretts Esophagus

11/22/08 – New studies Vitamin C and E

11/17/08 – Alternative Remedy Consultant: Turmeric – a Puissant Restoring Ally

11/15/08- EndoGastric Solutions(TM) Announces 80% Success Rate Of Their

11/13/08 – CHEST: Statins May Cut Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Cancer

09/08/08 – HRT Use Raises Risk of Stomach Trouble

09/08/08 – CSA Medical, Inc., Is Set to Put the Freeze on Thoracic Disease

09/08/08 – Curing Cancer With Mother Nature’s Ingredients

08/20/08 – Incidence of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus increasing in men and women

08/09/08 – Endoscopic Circumferential Ablation Could Improve Treatment…

08/09/08 – Pill Camera

08/16/08 – Diabetes and Esophageal cancer

07/22/08 – Major success rate for Barretts esophagus patients

07/11/08 – Barrett’s esophagus

05/19/08 – New Technology May Mean Immediate Diagnosis For Patients With GI Diseases

05/18/08 – Potential new roles for NSAID medications

05/14/08 -Tooth loss causes Esophageal Cancer

04/22/08 – Strawberries help with gastro cancers

04/21/08 – Cholesterol drugs fight Esophageal cancer

04/21/08 – New study from London

03/25/08 – Barrett’s esophagus new

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