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Administrative Committee

This committee will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Foundation. It will record all contributions made to the Foundation and acknowledge those contributions with a confirming letter to the donor. A letter will also be sent to the family for whom the donation was made to inform them that their loved one has been remembered. This committee will be responsible for approving all fundraising events and signing all contracts the Foundation needs to enter into to allow the event to go forward. It will coordinate with elleon designs llc. ( to design all invitation and printing material as well as all web site and computer access requirements.

Bart Frazzitta

I retired from the Vice Chairman and CEO position of Chiltington International a worldwide insurance and reinsurance consulting firm on December 31,2007. This culminated 46 years of service in the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry. I was told in December of 1999 that I had a stage III esophageal cancer tumor and proceeded to have Chemotherapy Radiation therapy and Surgery and since then I have been without evidence of this disease. As President of the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation  my goal is to achieve ECEF’S Mission Statement

Ginny Frazzitta

I have been married to Bart since October of 1963 and we have two daughters and seven grandchildren. We have taken on the challenge of this dreaded disease and as a team we have worked together to get through this disease. Being a caregiver is a challenge unto itself and we have journeyed through the years of recovery from Bart’s initial diagnosis in December of 1999
Our goal is to help make the public become aware of this disease. In addition we have been available to respond to questions that patients pose as quality of life issues as their journey continues through this disease. I have co chaired our fund raising event Day at the Races. It has been the backbone of our fund raising efforts since our first event in 2003.

Jennifer DeBiase

Graduating from St. John’s University, with a major in Sports Management and a double minor in Business and Law, Jennifer went on to work for United Sports Management, a company who owned and operated minor league sports teams. There she was Director of Business Affairs in which she was responsible for leading the business managers of each individual team. After several years there, her and her husband, Michael, decided to start a family and in 2001, they welcomed their first daughter on Christmas Day! Wanting to stay home with their child, Jennifer decided to start her own company to utilize her creativeness and formed elleon designs, llc. elleon designs donates all of the Foundation’s invitations, announcements and stationery. Jennifer’s dedication to the Foundation has stemmed from her father’s survivorship of this dreaded disease. Jennifer currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and their 2 daughters.

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