Bowling Outing in Memory of Frank Castanio

December 9, 2012

He was incredibly strong and courageous throughout his fight and never lost hope.  I am truly amazed at how he could continue to do everything on his own under so much pain and suffering. He was not able to walk until 2 days before he died. On June 2, 2011 my dad lost his battle. He was only 55.
My dad, Frank Castanio Jr. was a great man. He taught my sisters and I so much about life and love and he never had to use words to teach us. He worked for Sanitation for 32 years and had many 2nd jobs along the way, lastly driving limos and party buses. He was such an incredibly hard worker, working nights, weekends and long hours because he wanted to pay for college educations for his four daughters. Yet he found time to coach our teams in Soccer and Girls Softball, take us to Jet games and concerts.  A fun and generous father, a loving husband, a caring brother and was to be a grandfather in August. A granddaughter he never got to meet, though I know he is watching over her like a guardian angel.  Family was everything to him. He had many passions that also filled his life; The Beatles, the NY Jets & Mets, horse racing and bowling.
My dad loved to bowl. It started with him and his dad and the Sons of Italy League when he was in High School. He continued in many other leagues with my mom, his family and his friends. He traveled to Florida and Niagara Falls to enter tournaments with his friend Gordon.  He taught my sisters and I how to bowl and even joined a league with my youngest sister. He loved the sport and that is why in honor of him my family and I will be holding a fundraiser, “Bowling for Esophageal Cancer”. The event takes place Friday, January 23, 2015 7:00 p.m. Wantagh Lanes, Wantagh NY. The event includes 2 hours of bowling and pizza, a 50/50 raffle and a Chinese Auction with baskets and gift certificates donated from local businesses throughout Nassau County. If you cannot attend please help us by making a donation now in his name and be aware of esophageal cancer and all the symptoms that can help you or a loved one detect this disease early. EARLY DETECTION IS THE KEY!!!  Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation is working on a blood test to help detect this disease.  Please donate to this life saving foundation.
Thank you.. Courtney Castanio

Total Donations: $ 13,672.00

The Foundation received its 501(c) (3) IRS designation as a charitable organization and therefore making the donations that it receives fully tax deductible to the donor.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Virginia Beach, VA USA 1:00 P.M.Dear Rose -We understand your seetnmnits exactly. We will be praying for you and all the family that are left behind. I think you learned more about Esophageal Cancer than did Kathy, Ray’s wife, during this ordeal. Also you know where to find us if you should ever have to hear the words Esophageal Cancer again. We know that Ray is finally out of his pain and misery. I just wish that all the family had been on the same page and realized the finality of his situation. It’s best when all the family is “in on what’s happening.” That way everyone has time to say all the things they may have intended to say, but failed to say thinking there would always be a tomorrow. Some people just can’t grasp the meaning of the diagnosis, Esophageal Cancer. It’s not like other maladies where one can go in to the hospital, get it fixed , and return to a normal life. But out of this all, your faith has been deepened even more. Sorry for the way we met, but I feel like we will be friends forever and one day, we will all meet again on Heaven’s shore. There will be no recurrences of any kind there. It will be back to Square ONE as in the Garden of Eden and Paradise forever. Oh Yes, I do believe the “first” written account in Genesis, before the Fall, and I believe the parts about Paradise restored as told in the “last” book of Revelation. It is that eternal hope that has carried us thusfar. This world isn’t very pretty for most of us, but there is a new day coming. Love & prayers for you and for all of Ray’s family,Loretta & Billent 0Was this answer helpful?

October 1, 2015

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