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Brighton High School Senior Week Project

The Brighton High School Senior Week Project is being held the week beginning May 16th. They have selected  The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF)  to receive the donation they generate through their efforts to help ECEF fight this dreaded disease.ECEF has no employees nor do we have any contract employees either part time or full time. All the work is done by volunteers and this enables ECEF to give 95% of the donations they receive to the research projects they are supporting. You can go to Donations at Work on ECEF home page to see the individual research projects.The Senior Week Project is broken down into 9 teams. Please click on the team donate button where you want your donation credited. In total Senior week has raised $21,893.00

Team Yellow -Ryan Andrews & Claire Bautch –

Team Sky Blue – Jonah Schulte & Zoe Dittman

Team Orange – Brandon Schroeder & Sofia Anderson

Team Green – Scott Smith & Morgan Haskins –

Team  Pink – Mike Duffy & Cortney Munro

Team  Red – Leo Lopez & Jackie Kochan

Team Neon –  Grant Dunatchik & Jolin Cramer

Team Navy – Garrett Bowles & Sarah Becker

Team Purple – McKenna Resconich & Kira Osterdale-

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