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Attend a Fundraising Event

The Fundraising Committee that was formed in 2008 is busy with this years planning of its activities. The donations received from our fund raising events will go to support the goals of our Foundation. The events that have been planned so far are as follows:


On February 7 the Foundation in conjunction with The Queens Operas Association held a concert which we called the Three Diva Concert. This event was held at St Joseph’s Church in Keyport New Jersey and showcased 3 professional sopranos that sang various arias from well known operas as well has a medley of Broadway show tunes.


The Katz family has and continues to be a vital support for our Foundation. They have, through their efforts, approached their family and friends to make them aware of what our Foundation is all about. They have made major donations through their efforts to support our goals and serve on various committees of the Foundation.


This year on June 7th National Survivors Day, the Foundation hosted its 6th Annual Day at the Races Event to be held at Monmouth Race Track Park in Oceanport New Jersey. The day included a barbeque lunch, admission to the track and a program of the races for the day.

Click here to see pictures of the event!

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