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Executive Committee

This committee is comprised of volunteers who perform a regular function for the Foundation as follows:

  • Recording of financial transaction and the preparation of monthly balance sheet and income statements.
  • Assist our CPA with the information they would need to prepare our financial certification.
  • working with people who want to do fund raising projects
  • Preparation of letters of acknowledgement for donations received.
  • Where appropriate preparation of letters to families indicating that donations have been received in a loved one’s name.
  • Preparation of art work, format and printing of brochures and pamphlets for awareness campaigns and other distributed information.
  • Design of T-shirts and invitations to major events.
  • Assist with Data entry system and web site modification matters.
  • Preparation and delivery of newsletters and other documents for distribution.
  • Interaction with social networks.
  • Any other matters that are necessary for the Foundation to function in its role to bring awareness of this disease to the public.

The Volunteers who are involved in this committee are:

Caity Begg

Caity lost her grandfather to esophageal cancer a short time ago. Caity has her own Social Media firm and has decided to get involved in ECEF focusing on our social media channels.

Jennifer DeBiase
Jennifer has been involved with ECEF since its inception. She is responsible for all of our printed material including brochures, pamphlets, all formal invitations, art work and has also been involved in maintaining our web site.

Ginny Frazzitta
Ginny takes care of all of our letter acknowledgements to people who have made a donation and to those who have lost a loved one and is a valued member of our Board of Directors.

Jenine McNamara
Jenine handles all of our financial records maintaining our General Ledger and preparation of all of our financial statements. She works closely with our CPA firm in the preparation of tax information returns.

Donna Whitig
Donna is our Salesforce coordinator providing all of the material we need to run ECEF effectively and efficiently at a very minimal administrative cost to ECEF. She is also very involved in our web site and making the appropriate changes as new events happen and web site changes are required.

Christopher “C.J.” McNamara
C.J. has professional experience working in financial services. In additional to the variety of roles he has held, C.J. gives back to the local community through a work program as a mentor in Jersey City’s Big Brother Big Sister chapter. He earned his undergraduate business degree from Saint Joseph’s University majoring in Finance. In 2016, he finished his MBA from Saint Peter’s University (NJ) with a concentration in International Business.

Rachele Chambrello
Rachele has worked for a pharmaceutical marketing agency on a variety of teams. Currently, she focuses on assembling promotional materials for a rare disease. She previously led an industry awarded pro bono campaign for the young adult organization, Stupid Cancer. Rachele earned her undergraduate degree from Saint Joseph’s University with a focus in Marketing.

Victoria McNamara
Victoria graduated from Loyola University (MD) in May 2017 with a business degree in Marketing. She has had several internships in marketing based positions with a focus on Google Adwords responsibilities. She is now working full time in Marketing.

Scudder Fowler
 Scudder Fowler is Director of Member Development for G100 Network, the preeminent executive peer-to-peer convening, learning, and development company.  Working directly with the world’s top corporate directors and chief executives, he oversees member acquisition and retention for all G100 programs across multiple industries.

Philip Alongi 

Phil Alongi is a multiple Emmy Award-winning media executive with over 30 years of network television experience, last serving as Executive Producer of Specials and Politics for NBC News highly successful Decision 2008 coverage. In this capacity, Mr. Alongi oversaw breaking news and political coverage for the NBC network, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo,, and NBC News Channel. 


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