ECEF Structure

The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation is supported by the work of volunteers who serve on our Board and various committees.

The Board of Directors is comprised of Patients, Caregivers, and industry professionals who are dedicated to the mission of the Foundation.

Our Medical Advisory Committee  has been expanded to include various Subcommittees  involving a significant number of doctors and medical professionals. It is position to take ECEF to the next level in its development. Our International Subcommittee will give ECEF a true international exposure while our Public Relations Subcommittee will help place a medical professional person at each of our 3 conference call monthly meetings. We have also established a subcommittee to review and improve our patient support services and help with our Social Network development

The Executive Committee represents those that are involved in the day to day activity of ECEF. This includes coordinating our website, Salesforce account, social media postings  and blog areas as well as handling our financial transaction, managing our Books of Account and interacting with our Certified Accountants. It also represents designing,  preparing and dealing with all of our printed material.

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