The 2020 Esophageal Cancer Memory Walk

 We want to thank Jean and her family for all they did for the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation.

We have used the write ups from last years event.Saturday, April 27, 2019 will be our 6th Esophageal Cancer Memory Walk to honor our loved ones lost to Esophageal Cancer. Here are the stories of 3 of those being honored this year.

Larry Calloway’s daughter, Robin Lawrence, writes:

esophageal walk oneOur Dad never knew a stranger. He also never wanted anyone to worry about him. He was already a cancer survivor from when he had surgery for prostate cancer, so when he was having trouble swallowing and Esophageal Cancer was diagnosed, we all encouraged him to fight this new sickness also. The chemo was terrible, but he made it through and we all thought the cancer was gone. For a short while, he was doing well, but the difficulty swallowing was back and the doctor informed the family that the EC was back, too. Dad was a former Marine and he always said fighting is “what Marines do!” He fought a valiant fight—but succumbed to the return of the EC three months later with his family by his side. We miss him every day.

Mary Sue Palmore’s daughter, Patti Beard, writes:

My parents spent their winters in Florida after they both retired. When they returned to Indiana in April 2004, my mother appeared so much thinner and, actually, was rather proud of losing 35 pounds. But she said she had indigestion every evening, so she slept in a recliner and ate very little to try to control the indigestion. After being home a few weeks, she saw her family doctor who ran some tests. Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer was the diagnosis. Chemotherapy was the treatment. Mom always said, “You have to fight the fight!” She did that, but in September 2004, just 5 short months later, she lost the war.

Kevin Mason’s daughter, Sarah Jacobs, writes:

esophageal cancer walk threeKevin only went to the doctor because he was getting a physical due to changing insurance. While there he mentioned he was noticing some difficulty swallowing. After some tests he was diagnosed in March 2004 with stage 4 esophageal cancer with one main tumor located around the pancreas and possibly spots on the liver. Surgery was not an option for him. After doing everything he could locally, he then tried his hand with experimental treatments at University of Chicago in a research study. Unfortunately, 14 months after diagnosis, he lost the fight in May 2005. Kevin was happiest when helping others. There was never a dull moment with him, he could make you laugh or just shake your head. He never would allow any grass to grow under his feet, always working on cars, target shooting, and motorcycle riding in his free time. Sharon, he wife, described him as ADHD. He would respond by saying she was “calling him letters again!” He was a warm, fun-loving man who is gone way too soon.

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16 Responses to The 2020 Esophageal Cancer Memory Walk

  1. nadeem m. firoz says:

    where is the walk?

    • bart says:

      You should have received an email this morning with the phone number and access code . You will need to call into that number on Wednesday at 8:00 PM (EST).


  2. Shannon Byrne says:

    When is this walk?

  3. Shannon Byrne says:

    I meant to say above — where is this walk? I can gather a team. We just lost my beautiful aunt to esophageal cancer

  4. Gale says:

    How could I organize a fund raiser and walk in my area in honor of my husband. He passed away from EC in September of 2018 at Aurora Hospital in Green Bay,WI. When he was first diagnosed I read this cancer was the least funded. It made me angry, especially when we know how close Drs are to new drugs that would have helped my husbands mutation. He was stage 4 …also in the links I could not find where the 2019 walk is.

    • bart says:

      Hi Gale

      The easiest way to discuss a fund raising event would be for you to give me a call 732-385-7461. You can visit our web site and click on Whats Happening, You will see the various events we have planned and how we handle them on our web site. Lets talk.

      Take care


  5. Carla says:

    Where is this walk? I’d like to honor my dad who lost his battle to this disease. Thanks!

  6. Christine says:

    My daughter is fighting Esophageal Cancer she is 29 years of age never smoked in her life they said this was all from GERD I wanted to know do you ever have a walk in the Pittsburgh or Harrisburg area?

    • bart says:

      Hi Christine

      So sorry to hear about your daughter. I am also sorry to say we do not have a walk in the Pittsburgh or Harrisburg areas.

      We have a esophageal cancer conference call meeting once a month for patients and caregivers. If she would like all she and you would have to do is to call into a phone number and access code we have available. I can tell you we do not have anyone as young as your daughter on the call but it could be of help to her If you go to our web site and click join and check the support group box we can provide the contact information.

      If you want to tell me a little bit about your daughter you can write to me at

      Take care


  7. Anthony McKoy says:

    Is there a walk in the CHarlotte NC area?

  8. Sue Klich says:

    Do you ever have walks in the Chicagoland area?

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