Make your diet anti-cancerous

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) have highlighted the importance of proper food and nutrition also in their recommendations for cancer prevention and their recommendations were based on the studies conducted by a group of scientists from different countries and their studies were about the link between cancer risk, food and physical activity. About 35% of Americans are likely to get affected by cancer mainly because of improper dietary habits and also smoking.


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  1. Ann Adam says:

    My Mom died at 58 from twice returning melanoma. She was born in 1907, first diagnosed at 47 & treated return was discovered a little over 5 years after that and it gad already spread & she died about a week later. She worked up until that last week. She ate all those fruits & vegetables in good amounts and I did too. All my life. It was my Dad that ate poorly as far as vegetables were concerned. Peas, string beans & white potatoes were about it. He did eat basic fruits though. He had no trouble with any cancer. Died at 84 from congestive heart failure in 1991. I am now 83 and have survived 5 years from a melanoma removed from my upper right arm, along with the signal lymph gland at the same time. I ham also survived removal of my esophagus due to cancer being down near at the lower end. My stomach was extended up to join where needed. ALL edges of tissue removed were clear and so I had no follow-up treatment as there was no where to direct it. I am doing well and expect to be having follow-ups every 4 months after this months check. I plan on using all 20 years my surgeon, Dr. Brian Louie, said I was a candidate for. For me, I believe it is an inherited condition!

    • bart says:

      Hi Ann

      Great to hear you are doing well. There are traces where Esophageal Cancer has roots in family history. If your children or grand children have stomach problems or acid reflux they should be checked preferably with an endoscopic exam. We have a conference call support group that meets once a month by phone for patients that have gone through the surgery. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you the phone number and access code. Say hello to Doctor Louie for me.

      Take care
      Bart Frazzitta
      Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation

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