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Nutritional Information

Since esophageal cancer surgery patients may have issues with nutrition we have set this section of our web site to be devoted to various receipts, food types and other aspects of nutrition that hopefully can help the esophageal cancer surgery patient plan meals and decide on food types that best suit his or her needs when it comes to eating properly. In most cases the receipts and food suggestions are good for all people who are interested in eating a good cancer fighting balanced diet.

It is important that you select a balanced meal. If you had a portion of your stomach removed in the surgery (Ivor Lewis Procedure) it will be necessary for you to eat more then your customary three meals a day so you get enough calories to maintain your weight. Exercise is another important element of your recovery process and your focus should be a proper exercise program and maintenance of your weight as your initial goals.


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center-

This address deals with the importance of nutrition.


American Institute of Cancer Research

We have also received the authority to use the American Institute of Cancer Research as a link so that you can review their web site for important information on food types and diets that can be beneficial to the recovery process and to lower your risk of cancer. Their link is

Some of the material you will find on their web site is as follows:

HOMEMADE FOR HEATH – Cooking for Lower Cancer Risk

COOKING SOLO – Cooking for Lower Cancer Risk

VEGGIES – Recipes for a Healthy Weight and a Healthy Life

MOVING TOWARDS A PLANT-BASED DIET – Menus and Receipts For cancer Prevention

FEAST ON FRUITS & VEGETABLES – Of course you already eats fruits and vegetables. But are you getting enough? Health experts agree that eating five or more fruits and vegetables a day is an important of our dietary defense against cancer Use this brochure as a source of ideas.

AICR GUIDE TO VITAMINS- a display of the various vitamins that exist along with how that vitamin will help your health as well as various sources of these vitamins

AICR GUIDE TO MINERALS- a display of the various minerals that exist along with how that vitamin will help your health as well as various sources of these minerals.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, It is not to diagnose or treat your disease. If you do use the information contained on this web site without the approval of a health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the author(s) and webmaster assume no responsibility

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